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Award Service programmes are contained in the publication Programmes File , available from Award Scheme Limited. This is an expensive item, and a distribution of one per Area / Company would be reasonable.
All programmes (updated) can be downloaded from the Award website

Service to the Army Cadet Force - What is it?

The Army Cadet Force is a voluntary youth organisation. Participants can offer service to the Army Cadet Force (ACF) in the following ways:

  • learn the history and organisation of the ACF and of the affiliated Regiment or Corps;
  • understand how the ACF Detachment relates to the community;
  • make a useful contribution to the development of members of the Detachment;
  • assist in the administration and organisation of the Detachment.

Safety Message

Participants should be aware of the contents of the current edition of the Cadet Training Safety Precautions pamphlet (JSP535 - "the Red Book"), and of any Detachment safety rules.


Cadet participants should undertake parts of the following programme appropriate to the stage reached in the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) and the rank held; the list is not exhaustive. All participants must undertake practical service within this Section.

  • Complete 1-star Cadet and the Community (C and C) & First Aid syllabus
  • Know history of ACF, and County organisation
  • Study history and customs of the unit to which they are badged
  • Represent the ACF in the local community
  • Complete the 2-star C and C & First Aid Syllabus
  • Satisfactorily attend a Junior Cadet Instructors Course
  • Complete the 3-star C and C syllabus
  • Satisfactorily attend a Senior Cadet Instructors Course
  • Satisfactorily attend a Leadership Course
  • Complete the 4-Star C & C option

Practical service could include:

  • Tasks in the Detachment: e.g duties of NCO, Stores, Admin, Uniforms, Instructor, Canteen, helping with DofE, Special project, etc.
  • Tasks at Company level: e.g. duties of CSM or NCO, Instructing, supervision of groups of Cadets, running training groups, helping with DofE groups in other Dets, etc.
  • Tasks at County Level: e.g. duties of RSM or SNCO, help to County Training Officer, County Sports Officer, County DofE Officer, helping on Outreach project, etc.
  • Liaising with others outside the ACF: e.g organising conservation or other Service-based projects.

Adult participants should:

attend a course arranged by MoD, ACFA, CTTs or County ACFs on military training subjects, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Outreach, adventure training, leadership or other specialist subjects.
Organise a number of activities at Detachment level e.g. fundraising, administration, training activities, sports, adventure training, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award leadership etc.


Participants should be able to produce logged evidence of their practical service. Review and assessment of Cadet participants should be undertaken jointly by the Detachment Commander and Area/Company Commander.
Review and assessment of adult participants will normally be carried out at county level, and involve the County Training Officer, County Duke of Edinburgh's Award Development Officer, CTT Commander and others as appropriate. The Detachment and Company Commanders should also be consulted on the practical service

Governing Body/Organisation

Army Cadet Force Association
Holderness House
51-61 Clifton Street
London EC2A 4DW
Tel: 0207426 8370
web site:

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