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Sections - Residential

Leaders should familiarise themselves with the aim, principle and the general conditions of the Residential Project section.

Some residential courses for Army Cadets lend themselves well to suitable Residential Project opportunities.

Residential Courses

To broaden young people's experiences through involvement with others in a residential setting
To undertake a shared activity or specific course in a residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment. The residential experience is to be the young person?s own choice, freely made and without financial gain. Only a small minority of those taking part should be known to the candidate. The project should last five consecutive days, with at least four nights spent away.

The Project should provide opportunities for broadening interest and experience and should fall into one of the following categories:

Conservation or environmental work
Service to others
Activity based
Personal training

Choice of Activity
There are a number of residential opportunities available to ACF members which fulfil the criteria:

Cadet Leadership Course
Master Cadet Course
MoD Courses
TA/Regular Army attachments
Canada exchange visits
BAOR visits
AIs Course
KGVI Course
Specialist Training Courses ( e.g. Adventurous Training, First Aid, Coaching etc. )
Annual Camp (but see below)

Candidates intending to use attendance at any of these events MUST inform the senior instructor present of their intention to count the activity for their Residential at the beginning of the event, and hand over their Record Book for completion. Retrospective assessment is not desirable since those responsible for observing candidates will not necessarily be looking for the qualities required for qualification in the Award.

Annual Camp
Many participants wish to use their attendance at Annual Camp to qualify in this section. This may be permissible provided all the criteria are fulfilled. A problem which often arises is the requirement to be with a group, a minority of whom are not known to the participant. A cadet attending camp and training with his own Detachment or Company will not fulfil this requirement. This could be overcome by an attachment to another Company or to a County wide training cadre. This attachment must extend to sleeping accommodation and off duty hours. Another solution is for the candidate to attend the Annual Camp of another County.
Adult participants should not be in receipt of pay for any residential course they may attend. It is sometimes difficult to stop the pay process. In this case the Adult must nominate the appropriate number of days to be attended without pay at other times of the year. Out of pocket expenses (e.g. Travel expenses, meals en route) are allowed.

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