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Award Physical Recreation programmes are contained in the publication Programmes File , available from Award Scheme Limited This is an expensive item, and a distribution of one per Area / Company would be reasonable.

All programmes (updated) can be downloaded from the Award website

While working for the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC), all Army Cadets will participate in Physical Achievement.

A more detailed description of this programme can be found in the APC Syllabus.

Physical Achievement

What is it?
A series of tests of agility and muscular endurance. Improvement is measured by allocating a points system to each test. Physical Achievement can be used in conjunction with any general fitness programme. The APC use Physical Achievement tests at each star level, details are given in the APC Syllabus. (Note: Skipping has replaced Bailey Bridge in the Award tests).
Safety Message
Physical Achievement sessions should be supervised by an Adult with a compete understanding of the nature of the exercises. Cadets should not be encouraged to attempt exercises beyond their capabilities.

The tests are:

Speed Test (Sprint)
Ball Speed Bounce
Trunk Curl
Skipping (Bailey Bridge in APC syllabus)
Push up
Single leg squat thrusts

A suggested method of running the tests is:
Base line assessment: best score following a period of introduction to techniques etc. Base line improvement: improved performance will be indicated by improved scores during the period of participation. A useful scoring system is given in the APC syllabus (Annex E to Section 1)
Progress should be monitored by an Adult with knowledge of the tests.

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