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Sections - Expedition

Leaders should familiarise themselves with the aim, principles and the general conditions of the expeditions section .

Expeditions in Wild Country

All leaders are reminded that there is a requirement to complete an for expeditions in Wild Country whenever assessment or training is to be carried out in a Wild Country area as defined by the DofE.

A copy of this form, with a clearly marked route, must be sent to a representative of ACFA as listed below at least seven weeks in advance for expeditions requiring the appropriate Expedition Co-ordinator to supply an assessor (preferred method). For expeditions not requiring an assessor to be provided by the Panel, and for practice (accompanied) expeditions, the form should be submitted at least five weeks in advance . Only after the form has been approved by ACFA should it be forwarded to the appropriate

ACFA Representative

For expeditions in ..

England - Major Alan Thompson - - tel / fax 01434 682271
Northern Ireland - Lt Col Roberta Turkington - - tel 07712 655557
Scotland - Col Martin Passmore - - tel 07714 295424
Wales - Major Robin Jones - - tel 01286 880727

Expeditions Abroad

Similarly, for any expedition abroad, an Expedition Notification Form for expeditions Abroad the must be completed.
Two copies of this form must be sent to Lt Col Mike Gerrish, Edenhills, Bolton, Appleby, Cumbria, CA16 6AL. (or e-mail to at least thirteen weeks in advance .

Adventurous Projects

Very occasionally, Army Cadets over the age of 16 and other eligible members of the Cadet Forces have the opportunity to undertake an adventure which does not fit neatly into the conditions of the expedition section. The former Other Adventurous Project (OAP) has been replaced by the Variations process.

Please note that the vast majority of ventures which are submitted for consideration as an Adventurous Project either do, in fact, fit into the conditions for a normal expedition or contravene the conditions unacceptably (usually because participants are not given the opportunity to plan their route, they are not catering for themselves, or they are accompanied by leaders or guides). Almost always in these instances, the venture, although adventurous, is in an inappropriate location for a DofE expedition.

Participants, with the assistance of their leaders, should complete the Application for , and send it to Lt Col Mike Gerrish, Edenhills, Bolton, Appleby, Cumbria, CA16 6AL. (or e-mail to at least thirteen weeks in advance .

There is a great deal of research to be undertaken prior to the form being submitted, and participants are advised to start the process at least 4 months before the intended venture.

Combined Cadet Force

1. The process for the CCF Contingents operating the DofE through ACFA is identical to that above for the ACF, with the additional request that a copy of any application form should be sent to the CCF Advisor

Further Information / support Please contact the Expeditions Advisor or the CCF Advisor should you require assistance with completing any of Expedition/OAP paperwork

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