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1. Operating Authority .
As explained in para 4 of this policy document, the Army Cadet Force Association (ACFA) is a licensed Operating Authority of the Award, as are ACFA (Northern Ireland) and ACFA (Scotland). However The Combined Cadet Force Association (CCFA) is not an Operating Authority of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE), due mainly to the fact that most CCF Contingents work through their school or the Local Education Authority. For various reasons, some CCF Contingents have found difficulty in working through either their school or the Local Education Authority and a few have arranged to work through ACFA instead. There is sufficient similarity between the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) programmes of both the CCF and the ACF to make this arrangement realistic.

2. Command and Structure .
In the ACF, responsibility for safety in all activity lies with the Cadet Commandant (ACF). DofE Award participation is included in this remit, and each ACF County has an established post of County DofE Officer, who is directly responsible to the Cadet Commandant for all DofE activity in the County. An obvious prerequisite of CCF participation in the Award through ACFA must be that a similar responsibility structure is in place, and that an individual knowingly assumes responsibility for all DofE activity in the Contingent.

3. Insurance .
Both the DofE Award and the Ministry of Defence have limited insurance cover for properly registered and administered Award participation. It is strongly recommended, however, that Contingents augment their insurance cover for such activity, and attention is drawn to the ACFA Collective Insurance Scheme, which is inexpensive and effective. Further details can be obtained from the Insurance Advisor at ACFA, Holderness House, 51-61 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4DW (tel. 020 7426 8377)

4. Leadership Training .
The Award requires that its Operating Authorities provide suitable training for those involved in a leadership capacity with participants. ACFA is fully committed to the Award's Modular Training Framework (see para 16 and Annex H ), and courses are run at regular intervals throughout the UK. These have proved to be quite suitable for CCF officers and are a useful Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunity for teachers. There is an expectation that CCF officers involved in delivering the Award will attend at least an 'Introduction to the Award' course, as advertised on the website .

5. Running the Award .
Once the Contingent is registered with ACFA, CCF Award leaders should be able to administer and run the Award in the same way as do ACF leaders. Most of the necessary information is on the website , which has many links to useful associated websites.
Any problems specific to the CCF should be referred to the CCF Award Advisor or the local National or Regional Award Advisor, all of whom are members of the ACFA Award Advisory Panel, and whose contact details are on the website. Alternatively, the ACFA Award Development Manager can be contacted at any time, contact details on the website.

6. Acquiring Award Record Books .
Record Books are only issued to Operating Authorities, and not to individual user groups. The ACFA has dispensation to allow ACF Counties to order Record Books directly from the supplier, and registered CCF Contingents will also enjoy this privilege. However, only one nominated person will be able to place an order, and it is important that this person is identified on the application for registration form at Appendix 1 to this Annex.

7. Registering with ACFA .
Application to register a CCF Contingent to work through ACFA as its Operating Authority should be made on the form at Appendix 1 to this Annex.

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