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1. The role of the Detachment Award Leader is to operate the Award successfully by offering the full range of activities and helping the Cadet to participate. The Leader will normally be a member of the Detachment staff, although the role may be filled by a suitably experienced civilian instructor. The Leader will coordinate the work of helpers and participants, and should receive training through the National Modular Training Framework, locally, regionally and at Frimley Park.

2. The Leader's job is not necessarily to instruct or assess, but to guide the cadet through the Award, providing help where necessary and co-ordinating group activities.

3. Duties of the Detachment Award Leader may include:

  1. Delivering the DofE input to APC Cadet & the Community at 1 and 2-star.
  2. Promoting the Award using materials available.
  3. Supplying the Entrance Packs and collecting the fee.
  4. Helping the Cadet choose from the range of activities.
  5. Identifying and briefing instructors, supervisors and assessors.
  6. Keeping records of the Cadet's progress through the Award programme.
  7. Ensuring Award conditions have been fulfilled.
  8. Reviewing progress regularly with the Cadet.
  9. Arranging for Record Books to be completed and signed by appropriately qualified people.
  10. Forwarding completed record books to the County DofE Officer for signature.
  11. Organising local presentation events.
  12. Maintaining contact with the County DofE Officer.
  13. Establishing contacts outside the ACF for mutual support.

4. The Award Leader may appoint Helpers to provide general assistance in running and administering the Award. They may be other Detachment Adults or senior cadets, particularly those involved in the Award at Silver or Gold level. The Helper can provide valuable support and relieve the leader of some of the mundane tasks required to run the Award successfully in the Detachment. They should be encouraged to attend the introductory stages of the Modular Training Framework.

5. Mentors may be appointed to advise and assist individual participants in a specialist activity. For example those undertaking a venture in the Expeditions section with an Aim requiring specialised knowledge may usefully have a mentor to help.

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