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1. All Counties have an establishment (Major or Captain) for a DofE Award Development Officer. The person appointed to this post should be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Award, should have good communications and administrative skills and be available to visit Detachments or Areas regularly. The work load involved justifies this appointment as full-time.

2. The County DofE Officer is an integral member of the County Training establishment, will report in the first instance to the County Training Officer, and is ultimately responsible to the Commandant for all matters relating to the Award.

3. The appointment of County DofE Officer is not in itself a qualification for assessing an activity at any level of the Award. When a Record Book is being signed, an actual qualification should be shown, such as School PE Teacher, Mountain Leader Certificate, PTI, Authorised Range Officer, etc, and NOT County Award Development Officer.


4. The County DofE Officer is responsible for:

  1. Keeping up to date with new practices and changes in the Award programme.
  2. Advising the Cadet Commandant on all aspects of the Award.
  3. Promoting and co-ordinating DofE Award activities within the County.
  4. Promoting the Award and encouraging maximum participation by Cadets and young Adults by visiting Detachments and Area events.
  5. Monitoring the delivery of the information period in APC Cadet and the Community at Star levels 1 and 2.
  6. Ensuring potential new Award Leaders are appropriately trained and have personal copies of the Award Handbook and the pamphlet In Action Together.
  7. Arranging for existing leaders to have regular updating opportunities.
  8. Encouraging Area Commanders to appoint a suitably experienced Area DofE Award Development Officer to assist Detachments to run the Award.
  9. Ensuring, by regular reviews– that the quality and standards of the Award are being maintained.
  10. Maintaining a supply of Entrance Packs– free literature and other information, as appropriate, for distribution to Areas and Detachments.
  11. Arranging for completed Record Books to be vetted and signed by the Commandant (Bronze and Silver).
  12. Arranging for Gold Record Books to be vetted and sent with the Gold Form to the ACFA.
  13. Maintaining contact with other County DofE Officers– the ACFA Advisory Panel– the local Award Director and Staff of the Award and local committees where possible.
  14. Maintaining records of participation and arranging for annual statistics of the County's performance to be available.
  15. Attending the periodic DofE Award Conferences at CTC Frimley Park and elsewhere.
  16. Informing the PRO of all DofE Award successes.
  17. Assisting in the arrangement of high profile ceremonies for the presentation of badges and certificates.
  18. Advising the Commandant of those Adult Volunteers considered suitable to supervise expedition training.
  19. Attending and contributing to County Training and / or Administration Conferences.

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