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1. Each Advisor represents a specific part of the United Kingdom or particular area of activity as and his or her main tasks will be:

A. Essential Tasks.

(1) Advisory Service. Advisors will make themselves available to answer queries and help to deal with problems arising in the Counties or area of activity they represent. They should make contact with each County DofE Officer and ensure lines of communication are established. Problems beyond the ability of the Advisor to solve should be referred to the appropriate ACFA HQ. Where Award participation is low, the Advisor will be expected to be proactive in contacting the County and offering assistance.

(2) Attendance at Panel Meetings. Panel meetings are held at least once annually towards the end of the year at a venue to be advised. Each Advisor will be expected to submit an annual report on the progress of the Award in their area of responsibility. Advisors will be expected to contribute to other discussions of a general nature arising during these and any other ad hoc meetings.

(3) Award Leadership Training. Advisors will make themselves familiar with the Award's National Modular Training Framework and with the Programme in Award Leadership / Management Development designed by the Award and accredited nationally by the Award and the National Open College Network (NOCN). They will support any ACF personnel in their Country/Region who wish to become students, and ideally, they will participate personally in the Programme.

(4) Contact with Award Director and Staff of UK Offices. The Advisor should establish contact with their local Office of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award to provide an overview of the progress of the Award in the ACF in their area.

(5) Assist with submission of Annual Statistics to DofE Award National Office. Annual statistics are required of all Operating Authorities, and Advisors should encourage their Counties to keep DofE statistics up-to-date and accurate

B. Other Tasks.

(1) In addition to the essential tasks listed above, Advisors may carry out other tasks as considered necessary, within the constraints of their time and ability. Some examples are given below.

(2) National/Regional Conference. The Advisor may deem it advantageous to arrange occasional Conferences for Officers and Adult Instructors experienced in Award leadership, to discuss matters of common interest.

(3) Attendance at Events Arranged by Award Directors. When possible these events - usually meetings or conferences - should be supported by the Advisor to ensure the ACF is represented.

(4) Presentations. The Advisor may be able to assist Counties with arranging suitable high profile events for the presentation of certificates to young people.

(5) Centrally Organised Expeditions. The Advisor may wish to arrange or support expedition ventures, particularly at Silver and Gold, and possibly overseas, for the Counties in his/her area.

(6) Tri-Service Discussions. Where opposite numbers in the ATC and SCC can be identified, the opportunity may arise to discuss matters of mutual interest and perhaps offer joint activities where appropriate.

2. The list is not exhaustive, and some Advisors may wish an even wider involvement in promoting the Award; however, it is emphasised that only the tasks in Section A are mandatory.

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